If you have been following our social channels, you would have seen posts featuring individuals and groups in August, not just from the UK and Netherlands but also around the world. They have wonderfully given their time and talents to encourage everyone to sing in a quartet, which is the basic unit of barbershop singing. We hope they have inspired you to start quartetting.

We have gathered some information about quartetting for those who may have been inspired by Quartet Month. You can find them here.

You can still see and enjoy the posts, including Virtual Dreams and the AMA Facebook Live Sessions, on our social channels – these have all been hashtagged with #QuartetMonth. Here are the links to save you from searching and scrolling through.

Virtual Dreams

Virtual Dreams classes – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCR2pNVnu6dD6DxGWirNJVEaQzMrXtBTq


Quartet Month 2020 playlist on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/watch/QuartetOfNations/763066177782312/

AMA Facebook Live Sessions

BAM! moderated by Margaret Vonk – https://www.facebook.com/360212957385179/videos/1383221935208852/
Don’t Call Me Shirley moderated by Emma Riley – https://www.facebook.com/360212957385179/videos/631328284157087/
Trailblazers moderated by Helen Warner – https://www.facebook.com/360212957385179/videos/983963242016739/
Scandal moderated by Mike Savarin – https://www.facebook.com/360212957385179/videos/1345196275683004/
Sound Central moderated by Sheri Warbrick – https://www.facebook.com/QuartetOfNations/videos/3494836970528981


My Dear Friends by Alex Bowen (The Firebirds)https://sweetadelines.org.uk/harmonyrag/my-dear-friends/
FourEffect’s attempt to get back to rehearsinghttps://sweetadelines.org.uk/harmonyrag/foureffects-attempt-to-get-back-to-rehearsing/
The story behind Eu4ia: focus and funhttps://sweetadelines.org.uk/harmonyrag/the-story-behind-eu4ia-focus-and-fun/
Remembering Wendy Conboy by Kim Nuttallhttps://sweetadelines.org.uk/harmonyrag/remembering-wendy-conboy/
Wonderful memories of Wendy – the Blondies tributehttps://sweetadelines.org.uk/harmonyrag/wonderful-memories-of-wendy-the-blondies-tribute/

Lastly, thank you to everyone who contributed and participated in Quartet Month.

Nicky Salt
Margaret Vonk
Judy Pozsgay
Claire Booles
Don’t Call Me Shirley
Emma Riley
Paula Davis
Valerie Taylor
The Firebirds
Mary Duncan
Sandra Lea-Riley
Helen Warner
Hilary Pinnock
Mereta Brown
Patty Cobb Baker
Mike Savarin
Alyson Chaney
Kim Nuttall
Blonde Ambition
Lindsay Chartier-Holdeman
Milli Blink
Deke Sharon
Ellie Blackeby
Veryan Zimber
Emma Rollson
Suzanne Mansfield
Stella Hepburn
Sound Central
Sheri Warbrick
Vintage Mix
Chrissie Boden
Helen Walledge