Be a regional leader

Serving as a regional leader is voluntary, meaning you will not get paid a salary in return for your time and expertise. However, you will be entitled to the following:

  • Free All Events Ticket (AET) to regional convention during your term
  • Free registration to education events hosted by the Quartet of Nations
  • Paid travel and accommodation expenses, including per diems, for regional management team meetings, conventions, and other events
  • One time subsidy available annually to attend international convention or IES (claim is subject to regional finances. The amount provided is decided by the RMT on an annual basis and may vary. The grant is only for serving RMT members and may only be claimed once, irrespective of the number of terms served on the RMT. Recipients would be expected to attend all RMT education and provide a report to the RMT following their attendance.)

Perhaps the most important aspect is the chance to learn a new skill or further develop the ones you already have. Plus, you will be working with a group of fun-loving team, dedicated to looking after the membership and the promotion of our craft.

 What experience do I need?

Regional leadership positions are just the same as chorus team/board positions – you just do not see everyone as often! Take a look below to see the equivalent positions between choruses and the regional management team.

Team Coordinator – President, Team Leader
Directors Coordinator – Director, Assistant Director, Music Team Member
Communications Coordinator – Secretary, Webmaster
Finance Coordinator – Treasurer, Finance Manager
Education Coordinator – Director, Assistant Director, Music Team Member
Events Coordinator – Show Chairperson, Performance Coordinator
Membership Coordinator – Membership Secretary, Board Member
Marketing Coordinator – PR, Publicity Officer
Assistant Events Coordinator – Events Officer, Assistant Director, Music Team Member

Do bear in mind that you do not need to have served in your chorus management to apply for a regional post. You may have acquired the necessary skills outside of Sweet Adelines International, in your job, for example. Applications are also welcome (and encouraged!) from Chapter-at-Large members.


The regional leadership is always looking out for potential leaders so if you fancy a role in the region, please complete the application form and submit