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Gaynor Schofield
Viva Acappella


Rowena Phillips
Viva Acappella


Colette Coull
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Christine Avis
Viva Acappella

What do you get when you cross a beauty therapist, a clinical hypnotherapist, a learning & development consultant and an alloy wheel refurbishment manager? A quartet called Hot Note!

Hot Note was formed in 2013. Would a quartet from Berkshire, Suffolk and Kent be able to make a go of it? It was certainly challenging to organise rehearsals across three counties, but once we had settled on a location in Kent, at Chris’s mum’s house (baritone), Colette (bass) decided she was ‘happy with her selection!’

We then had the challenge of how three basses and a tenor would work. Fortunately two of the quartet were bi-sectional so slotted nicely into lead and baritone – just a question of what song the key should be in. Once we had decided that everything should be in A flat we were off and running.

Well the voices went together alright, but would we like each other? It was certainly useful being able to have someone on hand to do your nails, tyres, listen to all your problems and design a training and coaching plan.


2014 Region 31 3rd place
2014 LABBS Gold Medalists


Christine Avis

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