2000 results

Chorus champion: Surrey Harmony
Quartet champion: C’est la Vie

Place Chorus Score
1st Surrey Harmony 541
2nd Forth Valley 530
3rd Purbrook Harmony 529
4th Mayflowers Plymouth 485
5th Lace City 482
6th Somerset Hills 457
7th Champagne Cornwall 446
8th Riverside Harmony 437
9th Solent Sounds 424
10th Coastline Harmony 407
11th City of Roses 404
12th Apple County 389
13th Classic Harmony 381
14th Welwyn Harmony 356
15th Amber Valley 347

Place Quartet Score
1st C’est la Vie 452
2nd Quartz 451
3rd Spur of the Moment 444
4th Top Notch 431
5th White Gold 428
6th Steppin’ Forth 382
7th Noteworthy 342
8th Firefly 330
Cabaret Time withdrawn
Out of the Blue withdrawn