Learning through friendly competition

Competition is the focal point of the annual convention. It provides an opportunity for members of Sweet Adelines International within the Quartet of Nations to learn and grow their singing and performing skills through friendly contests. Members can participate to compete as part of a quartet and/or chorus. The qualifying winners may then proceed to represent Region 31 in the Sweet Adelines International Competition & Convention that occurs toward the end of every calendar year.

Each registered quartet and/or chorus may choose to compete in one of the following contest divisions:

International Division

  • Competitors perform two contestable songs or medleys within seven minutes
  • Judges give a numerical score to each competitor as well as feedback
  • Winner become eligible to represent the region in the Sweet Adelines International Competition & Convention

Evaluation Only

  • Competitors perform two contestable songs or medleys within seven minutes
  • Judges give a category level as well as feedback
  • NEW FOR 2022: Participation through video – see submission procedure below

Open Division

  • Competitors perform a 10-minute entertainment package with at least one contestable song
  • Judges give a category level as well as feedback on emcee work, scripting, stating, mic technique, creativity and the the unity of the entire presentation as communicated to the audience
  • NEW FOR 2022: Participation through video – see submission procedure below

Key Dates 2022

28 January
Competition packet mailing

1 February
Early-bird registration opens

14 March
Quartet competition entry deadline

15 March
Chorus competition entry deadline

21 March
Order of appearance draw

29 March
Quartet competition late entry deadline

30 March
Chorus competition late entry deadline

13 April
Song information deadline

9 May
Video entry submission deadline

Video submission procedure

For the 2022 regional contest, competitors in the Evaluation Only and Open Division categories are allowed to participate by submitting a video of their performance.

These procedures are intended for any individual competitor who will not be attending a live, in-person regional contest AND who will be recording their own performance either individually or in a group recording event.

Contest Divisions

Evaluation Only competitors: perform and submit two (2) contest songs.

Open Division competitors: perform and submit one (1) contest song, at least one (1) non-contest song, and emcee work.

Submitted performances are subject to all contest rules, such as timing, SAT admissibility, content, etc. and should include audience acknowledgement. These recordings must be made 1-4 weeks prior to submission.


1. Submit an un-edited (one continuous shot) video recording (in.mp4 digital format), prepared in accordance with the requirements listed below, to your region’s regional Competition Coordinator (CC) by the assigned date, along with all applicable competitor forms. Region 31’s CC is Alice Mills.

• The recording must NOT have been previously published on social media or on webcasts. Any submission found to have been previously published will be disqualified.

2. The region’s CC must submit their competitors’ performance videos and forms, via Dropbox, to the Competition Department by their assigned date.

3. Once the Competition Department at IHQ receives all video submissions for a region, they will be provided to the official judging panel for adjudication.

Requirements for Recording

1. Ideally the device (i.e. mobile phone, tablet, camera, etc.) used to record your performance should be able to record clear quality sound. The recording is to be submitted in .mp4 digital format.

2. The performance should be checked to ensure that the quality of the recording is sufficient for an effective evaluation.

3. Any microphones used should be used for recording input only, not amplification of any kind.

4. Lighting should be uniform for the entire performance and no special effects are to be used.

5. Camera shots should be taken with the Visual Communication judge in mind. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when recording:

• A fixed camera full length shot is recommended. A landscape view will frame the ensemble best.

The judge needs to see facial expression, choreography, full shots, etc. if possible. For more suggestions on optimum camera angles and lighting, click here.

6. At the beginning of the recording, an individual is to introduce the contestant, announcing the name of the chorus/quartet. This announcement may be made by a member of the ensemble.

• Chorus Announcement: From (name of city) under the direction of (name of director(s)…(NAME OF CHORUS!)
• Quartet Announcement: From (name of region/name of chorus affiliations) …. (NAME OF QUARTET!)

7. The competitor should be in suitable costume and make-up. The make-up should be applied in such a manner that it is appropriate for video performance, highlighting facial features.

8. The submitted digital performance is the property of Sweet Adelines International. Competitors may NOT post, or otherwise share, their video recordings until after adjudication and release of official results. Permission may be obtained after the results have been posted by contacting the Competition Department at IHQ.

9. The recording should be a continuous, one-take shot video with no editing. Any edited videos will be disqualified.

If your region has chosen the Video Contest option and recording events around the region are offered, you may choose to record your contest performance at the event. The above requirements apply to separate recording events as well as individual recording.

Official Recordings

All submitted recordings are property of Sweet Adelines International and will not be returned. Any further use of audio or video recordings of competition submissions are at the discretion of the Education Direction Committee (EDC) or the International Board of Directors.

Traffic pattern tour

A video of the traffic pattern for Warwick Arts Centre to help competitors visualise and plan their contest day

Standard Route

Accessible Route