Covid Safety Measures

Version 3.1 – updated Apr 2022


We are excited to welcome you to the Quartet of Nations Region 31 Convention 2022. As you know, the Convention will be held at Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick and the onsite accommodation (full details set out in Convention bulletin number 1 dated 8 December 2021).

Let’s keep each other safe

We want you to enjoy the event in the knowledge that the measures put in place will help you, and everyone else, stay safe and to remind you of the part you can play in achieving that. We set out here minimum expectations for the Covid Safety Measures.

We know that singing is considered a high-risk event and we must also be aware that some people may not be vaccinated (they may be too young or there may be health reasons why they cannot have a vaccine) so let’s think about keeping it as safe as possible for everyone.

We also want you to know that the Regional Management Team (RMT) has carefully considered the differing comfort levels of our members. With this in mind, stickers will be available for you to affix to your lanyards as an easy visual representation of your comfort level regarding close contact, or keeping your distance. Harmony Hug and Barbershop Bump stickers will be available at the Registration Desk and RMT members will also keep these available and if you would like a sticker, you can ask any RMT member.

Official bit!

We set out here (and in the documents referenced), the Covid safety measures which will apply to the Convention, and these can be updated from time to time to reflect any updated guidance or recommendations by the Region 31 Management Team, government, the venue or otherwise. We will let you know of any updates to the Covid safety measures via the Convention bulletins and/or on the Region 31 website.

You will agree to comply with the Covid safety measures (Section 1) when you register for Convention.

Section 1: Required Covid safety measures

Acceptable Covid-19 status

Registration will be taken as confirmation that all registrants will ensure they have an
acceptable Covid-19 status before attending the venue.

This can be either:

  • A negative lateral flow test (LFT) result within the 24 hours prior to attending; or
  • Full vaccination; or
  • Having recovered from Covid-19 and being within the 180 days following a positive NHS PCR Test or positive LFT

We recommend that everyone attending the Convention completes an LFT prior to attending. Our expectation is that if you are showing symptoms, or test positive, you do not attend.

Other measures

There will be additional safety measures in place, including ventilation, enhanced cleaning regime and hand-sanitising points across the foyers in the venue and cashless payments where possible.

Section 2: Chorus administration

We will be asking chorus Team Coordinators/Presidents to confirm the acceptable Covid-19 status for all individuals that the chorus has registered (whether competing or not). This confirmation will be recorded on a simple form which will be provided in advance, and must be submitted at the chorus briefing.

Section 3: Face coverings

We are encouraging all attendees to wear a face covering, but it is not compulsory. Your decision will be respected.

Section 4: Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been to other venues that don’t require Covid-19 status confirmation, why are you requiring this?

The safety of our members is a priority and we also want everyone to feel as safe
as possible. We believe that acceptable Covid-19 status confirmation is an easy way for everyone to help protect each other when mask-wearing and social distancing may not be possible or practical at busy events.

How clean and safe is the Warwick Arts Centre?

The Centre has rigorous cleaning procedures and safety measures in place and high contact surfaces are cleaned regularly. The University has rigorous controls in place to make sure that infection rates amongst staff and students remain low.

Can I take a test at the venue?

No, we do not have the facility for attendees to take a test at the venue.

What happens if I get Covid-19 symptoms at the venue?

We ask that you leave the venue immediately. Please message to let them know. The events team will help you find somewhere away from other attendees if you need to wait for a taxi or to be picked up.

How do I get a lateral flow test?

You can purchase home-testing kits from most pharmacies in the UK and the Netherlands.

Please remember to bring a supply with you.

You can download a PDF of the current version of the Covid Safety Measures to your local device by clicking the button.