Convention 2024

Quartet Competition

10 May


Quartet Chapter
0 Sound Central Mic warmers Heartbeat UK and Milltown Sound
1 Carousel Mayflower A Cappella
2 Chatterbox Solent Sounds
3 Amici Singing Unlimited
4a The Delusionals Forth Valley
4 Silhouette Aberdeen, CAL Region 31, Lace City
5 FOMO Hearbeat UK
6 Go Forth Forth Valley
7 Northern Soul CAL Region 31, Heartbeat UK
8 Nova CAL Region 31, Vocal Dimension
9 Glow in the Dark Singing Unlimited
10 Take it to the Bridge Singing Unlimited
11 Footlights Open Division Phoenix
12 Playlist Lace City
13 Perfect 4th Lace City
14 Vivacity Viva Acappella
15 Last Minute CAL Region 31, No Borders Show
16 Stepping Up Lace City
17 Vida Loca Lace City
18 Fifth & Madison CAL Region 31, Milltown Sound
Crucible Vocal Project Mic Coolers


Chorus Competition

11 May

Chorus Director(s)
1b Solent Sounds, Fareham Lorraine Howden
1a Phoenix, Potton Lynda Wood
1 Lace City, Nottingham Evaluation Eleanor Blackeby
2 Singsational, Taunton Kris Emmett
3 Vocal Dimension, Redhill Valerie Taylor
4 Milltown Sound, Wigan Kim Nutall
5 Ignite UK, Belper Zachary Booles
6 Singing Unlimited, Hoofdorp Anita Zengerink
7 Forth Valley, Edinburgh David Sangster
8 Heartbeat UK, Stockport Nancy Kelsall
9 Mayflower A Cappella, Plymouth Sarah Gill