Convention 2024

Sound Central: 2023 Quartet Champion

Message from the 2023 quartet champion, Sound Central


Past Quartet Champions

2023: Sound Central
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1999: Sound Bites
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1997: Sound Bites
1996: Uptown Girls
1995: Sound Sensation

Lace City: 2023 Champion Chorus

Message from the 2023 chorus champion, Lace City

We were absolutely blown away to become Region 31 Champions in Warwick in 2023, with the award for ‘Most Improved Chorus’ for an improvement of 52 points since the 2022 contest.

On the run up to the Region 31 convention, we were getting more and more excited about showing everyone our new contest package. And a bit nervous too, as this was something new and different for us. So as we stood there on the stage with our chairs, our flapper dresses and our finger waves, we hoped that everyone would love it as much as we did!

Now we are even more excited to be going on to represent our wonderful Region 31 at International Convention in Kansas City this October. We’ve had coaching already from the amazing David Sangster and the fabulous Nicky Salt, with more to come in the months ahead. And in the meantime, there are meetings on zoom, costume tweaks, flapper hair tutorials and of course practice, practice, practice. We hope to make you all proud in October, and we will certainly have fun trying!


Past Chorus Champions

2023: Lace City
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2015: Heartbeat
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