Virtual Mass Sing

On the Saturday of our regular convention, we usually have a mass sing while we wait for the results of the chorus competition. Regional contests and the convention have been sadly cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that will not stop our region singing together! To that end, the Quartet of Nations will be holding its very own, special, Virtual Mass Sing.

The aim of this project is to bring together members of the Quartet of Nations Region 31 in one song and feel connected at what would have been a time when we’re all under one roof celebrating harmony.

How We Sang Today was chosen as it not only unites us as Sweet Adelines but its lyrics also encourage hope that when we’re all at the other side of this crisis, we will all be together once again.

To participate in this virtual mass sing, please follow the instructions below.

Tomorrow’s another day
I hope and pray we’ll be together
Tomorrow, this today will be a yesterday that’s gone forever
So take my hand, my friend, I want to say
I’m glad we laughed and loved and sang together today
So take my hand (take my hand), I want to say (I want to say)
I’m glad we laughed
I’m glad we loved
I’m glad we sang (oh how we sang)
How we sang today


In your own time, download and listen to the guide audio tracks of the part you want to sing. This will help you get the timing and tempo right for when you’re ready to record your part.

Big, big thanks to the section leads of Vocal Dimension for providing the guide audio tracks: Lisa Anderson (tenor), Claire Miskin (lead), Emma Riley (bari) and Fran Carter (bass).

Full Mix | Tenor | Lead | Baritone | Bass


You will need two devices to do this step – one for listening to the guide track and another to record yourself singing your part. Please make sure that you’re listening or singing along to the guide track on headphones or earphones so it won’t be audible in the video of your recording.

Record in a quiet and well-lit room as much as possible.

When recording, kindly set your device to film in landscape mode.


Suggest you prop your recording device on a tripod to avoid shaking – if you are going to hold it, make sure it’s steady and your arms are fully extended.

Hold your camera slightly above eye level, which will reveal more of the background.

Be careful not to look directly at the screen, if you’re filming using your smartphone – look at the lens instead.

Add at least 3 seconds at the start and end of your recording.


When you’re happy with your recording, please submit the video file (MP4 or MOV formats) to with your name and chapter name.

Last day to submit your video recordings is Thursday, 30 April 2020.

All efforts will be made to include every submission into the final cut but there might be some that won’t make it due to a variety of reasons. So please don’t be mad at us.


All recordings will be compiled and mixed together into one mega video which will go live on all our channels (website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) on Saturday, 16 May 2020 at 17:00 (British Summer Time).

If you weren’t able to make and submit your video in time or maybe you just want to sing it all over again, we encourage you to tune-in to our Facebook page and sing along.


Where’s the music sheet of How We Sang Today?

Please check with your fellow members as your chorus might have already obtained copies. Otherwise, you can obtain a copy from Sweet Adelines International.

Do I need a particular app on my smartphone to record the video?

No, you don’t. The native camera app on your smartphone (in video mode) will be sufficient.

The video file is too large to email. How can I send it?

You can put the video file on a file-sharing platform like Dropbox and email the sharing link or you can use services like to send large files.

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