Blonde Ambition on a mission

by | 13 Aug 2019 | Quartet Journey | 0 comments

As I am sat writing this, I am watching my costumes from the weekend drip dry in the sun, thinking, wow! What an amazing weekend!

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who arranged the Sweet Adelines Region 31 Convention and all that it entails; you did a fabulous job!

Blondies, as we are affectionately known, quite frankly had a blast. Our weekend didn’t get off to the best of starts as Helen, our baritone, had her car pranged within ten minutes of setting off! Plan B then meant a change of cars and driver and I started the journey off instead. Which is quite funny really because my sense of direction and navigational skills are very limited. Finally, at midnight (yes, midnight) we checked into the hotel and got settled ready for contest the next day. Two bottles of prosecco and a whisky night cap later we had achieved our goal.

At this point we must mention our amazing Blondie Support Group, who looked after us for contest and made us look glamourous and felt calm; Sheri, Kim, Steph and Sazzle – thank you!

Also, a massive thank you to our chorus Milltown Sound, for your love, support and awesomeness. We wouldn’t be where we are without our Millie family. We must say a massive congratulations, too, to our sisters in harmony; the amazing and wonderful Sound Central. Well done, ladies, on a brilliant achievement; their first Sweet Adelines contest and a second place medal – awesome!

Thanks also at this point to Sally Mclean and Rob Barber, this joint guidance and coaching has really enabled us grow as performers and singers. We couldn’t have predicted that by the end of the weekend, we would have gained our best score and placing to date and won the Most Improved Quartet medal, too.

We’re just a little bit excited… alright ‘we’re so proud we’re busting our vests… to be going to France to be coached by the amazing Nicky Salt. We have our flights booked, our French phrase books on hand and our bags nearly packed!

Back to reality is harsh and I want to be back in Cardiff, revelling in how awesome sequins, singing and stage time is… I’m a barbershopper, get me out of here!