Devil or angel in the detail

by | 07 Apr 2019 | Chorus Life | 0 comments

A difficult point to dispute during recent current events is the positive aspect of fore-planning and preparedness being in direct opposition to blind faith and winging it.

These are elements easily transferable to other aspect of our lives and indeed our singing and existence in a performing and competing chorus. Such elements to consider include:

  • What to research in advance of a looming deadline/local gig where logistics should be reviewed before the day of the event – risers, space, acoustics, size of stage, how best to execute a plan/breathing intentions in anticipation of a performance or contest set.
  • Deciding on what songs to sing, what a potential finals package might contain and how it should flow between songs, what costume to wear, colour of eyeshadow on stage and discussions on whether hair pieces be allowed or banned?!
  • Directors need to consider for a rehearsal how much time is allocated to new songs, existing songs, new choreo and length of break. Chorus members need to decide how much to commit to the plan, determine how much practice is done beforehand and how one will behave on the risers.

The list could go on but the point is that with so many variables contributing to a big event such as a regional or international competition, it would be madness not to think through and plot an intended route to arrive at the endpoint. There is no guarantee that everything can go as planned but there is a much greater chance of success and enjoyment along the way if there are some goals that make us stronger and more confident performers.

Forth Valley Chorus (FVC) has done a lot of thinking since winning regional in 2018 and we are aware that with each success comes more pressure to exceed beyond past achievements – but we know that whatever happens in New Orleans (for which we are thrilled to be taking part) we need to commit to the plotted journey as a team whilst taking individual responsibility for our actions.

We’ve increased our numbers since last May and welcomed seven new members to our ranks. We’ve lined up some superb coaching including Sandy Marron, Britte-Helene Bonnedahl, Joe Conolly and Sharon Babb and we’re tweaking aspects of our semi-finals set to try to make it shine a bit brighter.

We have regular updates on our internal Facebook page on getting stoked for adventure and taking pride in mindfulness and hard work which includes embracing the challenge of making the most of each phrase and breathing well. We are proud of being part of a talented team. We are happy to be part of the bigger organisation at Sweet Adelines International and particularly Region 31. We are the second largest region in the world and love celebrating this with our sisters in harmony across the UK and the Netherlands.

We can’t predict any of the upcoming outcomes, but we hope everyone, like us, is working out detailed objectives to ensure that the ride is as full as our soon to be mantra: fun, focused and fabulous! Roll on Cardiff and NOLA, we’ve got a plan and we are not afraid to use it!