Director Certification Program for all

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You’re probably thinking the DCP (Directors Certification Programme) is only for Directors – after all that’s what it says in the title! However, you’d be wrong – it’s so much more than that. So to dispel some common misconceptions…

I’m not a Director, so I can’t apply.

As long as you’re a member of Sweet Adelines you can apply for this. If you’re not a front line, assistant, associate or co-Director, there are some modules you can’t complete, but you are not prevented from the rest. If you don’t belong to the front line group and you later join that group, you finish off the modules you have not completed and receive your certification at that time. ALL the modules are packed with fantastic education material, so it’s very worthwhile to even just do part of the course.

You need to be a music buff to apply.

Incorrect! Even if you have never read music before you can do this as the music theory module starts you off at the basic level, providing a great way to improve your music knowledge!

I don’t have time to do this.

Did you know there is no time limit for the completion of modules once you have applied and started on the programme? Now this can be a good and a bad thing as, because there’s no deadline, it can sometimes be put to the back of your to do list! What you need in this case is a good friend who will keep reminding you to complete modules and sit the tests! (You will need to enlist someone to help you anyway as the tests are sent to them and they oversee you when you take them).

I can’t afford it.

It is a one time cost of US$100 to apply, which is a lot of money for some I know, with the modules to be bought on top of that. How about if your chorus was to buy the DCP materials for use by everyone? You could then share it around and encourage more people to apply. Or, you could team up with some others who are interested and share the cost. Perhaps your chorus might sponsor you to apply?

What’s in it for me?

Loads! In doing the DCP you will increase your knowledge about the organisation, improve your listening skills, gain valuable information on vocal skills and much, much more.

I really encourage those of you who have not yet done this to think about it. You will improve your skills, learn a lot and have a sense of achievement too. If you’re a front line Director and you haven’t yet done this, then what are you waiting for? Seriously! If your chorus scores 600 points or above at convention, then you can’t become a Master Director unless you’ve completed the DCP – why would you not want to be ready for that accolade?!

To find out more, please look on the Sweet Adelines International website for more information and/or contact the Region 31’s DCP Coordinator at

(Photo shows the DCP graduates who were recognised at the Cardiff 2019 Convention,  from left to right: Alison Soutar, Anda Van Stegeren and Dorothy Main.)

This article was extracted from Harmony Rag 2018 Spring edition for the #MDAppreciationWeek19.

Edited on 17 Feb 2022 – replaced Tracey Bailey with the email address of the DCP Coordinator for Region 31