Good alignment

by | 04 Apr 2019 | Warmed Up | 0 comments

It was so great to be able to open registrations for IES back in January and I hope you’ve managed to choose classes for what will be a wonderful educational event hosted for the very first time by Region 31.

It’s going to be truly international, too, with – so far – no fewer than 11 nations represented from all over the world. Our Region 31 Management Team (together with Charl Asuit’s fantastic work to develop the registration site) has worked really hard to put on an event which will be unforgettable, so don’t put off registering! Remember that early bird registration ends on 27 May after which the fee will increase.

I’m starting this year’s Warmed Up with some ideas for establishing good alignment, which hopefully you’ll be able to incorporate into your own vocal skills sessions. Here it is.

Neat feet

Hip width apart and point feet forward

Ease in the knees

Unlock knees, it should be flexible and free

Elvis pelvis

Relax your muscles, keep flexible

Unpack the back

Feel the middle of your back widen when you breathe in and stretch the spine

Shoulder tip above the hip

Not forwards or backwards

Check the neck

Lengthen the back of the neck; keep your ears above your shoulders and keep your chin level

Explore the jaw

Loosen your jaw; feel like you want to yawn and create space between your molars

Sane brain

Awareness, sense of wellbeing and positive attitude