How to plan for International when a baby is a-comin’

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Find out about the incoming tiny human. Go mental with excitement for Gemma and Brian’s gorgeous little monkey to soon be joining the quartet family!

2. Embrace the uncertainty…
After Gem told us the news and we had figured out the approximate timings (she’s due in August, and International is in September), we knew this might mean we wouldn’t compete at International this year, depending on what might happen when (and where, and how). But… thanks to Gem’s sheer determination and dedication to barbershop, we decided to plan as though we would be going… but with the knowledge that we might need to pull out at the last minute. It’s given us a real sense of perspective and has helped us to have a more relaxed attitude to our contest preparations – if the stars align and Gem can make it, we will just be totally over the moon to be in New Orleans together – and if we end up giving it a miss this year, we will all be pretty busy falling in love with the little one!

3. Break the news to our main lady…
To be honest, we were pretty nervous to break the news to HRH Nicky Salt (Queen of France), who has been our all-round guide and guru for Sweet Ads, quartet and life in general over the last few years… especially when she first shared her own SUPER AWESOME news that she will be doing the webcast in New Orleans and would be there with us! However, we should have known that she’d be true to the absolute Queen that she is and embrace this news with all the excitement and love in the world. And she was EXTREMELY fast to be the first to sign up for baby cuddles in New Orleans… which brings us to…

4. Enlist your nearest and dearest to form the Fox Cub International Care Team
Basically, it turns out that we know a lot of lovely people who can’t wait to huff on that new baby smell. We are extremely lucky to have a host of quartet husbands, grandparents, coaches and chorus families who are readying themselves for babysitting duties in New Orleans! So no take-backsies, ok guys!?

5. CHIPS!!!
Use our leading lady’s pregnancy as an excuse to buy flattering black A-line quartet dresses and collectively give up on any remote concept of pre-convention diets… aka TIME FOR ALL THE CHIPS!!!

6. Milk it…
…by shoehorning baby jokes into show sets (and erm, magazine articles) wherever is humanly possible…

7. Get hype over Skype
With Gem and Brian newly relocated in Belper (and Sarah in Cornwall) we’ve been using Skype from time to time to help us bridge the distance… and as Baby Day gets closer we’ll be doing this more and more to help us stay in the zone when rehearsals get a little bit tricky to travel to! (Skype rehearsal to pass the time during labour, anyone….?!)

8. Check out the alpacas and baby sheep on a farm in Somerset
For Gem’s 30th birthday, we skipped rehearsal and dragged her down to Somerset for a weekend of glamping on a farm, with plenty of cake, toasted marshmallows, No-secco, ridiculous board games, and some alpacapellas!! Who says you can’t party on a pregnant belly… um, that’s right…nobody!?!

9. Continue to plan for world domination
…by selling pretty much anything we can think of… so far it’s CDs, teach tracks of said CDs, and t-shirts… well SURELY you didn’t think this would be a plugfree article…?? Oh, and Scream Team tees are a joint fundraiser with our gorgeous pals in the frickin’ awesome Nightfall this year!

10. Love the hell out of each other
This quartet journey is a magical one, and we feel beyond lucky to be taking it together. It’s basically like being in a four-way marriage… and just like marriage, it takes hard work, compromise, and a butt-load of respect and love for each other. Whatever happens this year, we will be in it together and we hope we get to keep going on this adventure for many more years to come. So… here’s to sharing bathrooms, prosecco, and nappychanging duties… until we’re the ones wearing the nappies!!!


We are overjoyed to say that Gemma and Brian welcomed their gorgeous baby girl, Pepper Jessica Fox, into the world on 5th August! We can’t wait to meet her!