It was all Elaine’s fault!

by | 19 Aug 2019 | Outside the Notes | 0 comments

At the end of a, frankly, fabulous IES event, Elaine asked me to help with the roving mics for the faculty Q&A session. I had been looking for the right moment for quite a while and as soon as I had the mic in my hand, here it was! Just as IES co-Chair Paula Davis started saying she couldn’t think of a better way to end the conversation, I interrupted to ask one small question. Not one person knew what was going to happen!

I have been in this organisation for almost 17 years and it has improved my singing, given me confidence, opportunities to develop myself, helped in my working life, allowed me to travel, to sing in some of the greatest and weirdest places, introduced me to friends across the world and, most wonderful of all, brought Fran into my life.

When I said ‘in front of about 500 of my closest friends’ that couldn’t have been more true! I am forever grateful that I joined Sweet Adelines, but, most of all, I am thrilled that when I asked Fran, “will you marry me?” she said YES!!