Mayflower A Cappella is celebrating

by | 13 Aug 2019 | Chorus Life | 0 comments

Having worked our socks off this past year with coaching from Valerie Taylor and Ollie Vincent, we received the award for Most Improved Chorus at this year’s convention in Cardiff and are thrilled to bits.

Sarah Gill, Director of Mayflower A Cappella, is delighted with the improvement and that we also came in eighth place out of a competitive field of 16. She said:

I couldn’t be prouder of the chorus. Every woman fully committed herself to the preparation and the performance.

Stephanie Aisthorpe, Mayflower A Cappella president,

I’m speechless. It was such a thrill to hear just how much we had progressed in the past year. Onward and upward with this fantastic group of singers.

But there is more than just hard work behind this success story. There was evidence of true grit and determination on the morning of the competition.

Going first in the line-up has a unique pressure but it also reduced the amount of time we had to think about the day ahead. While everyone was getting in touch with her inner diva and busily applying makeup, false eyelashes, and decking out in bling, one Mayflower nearly didn’t make it to the stage.

Karen left her room to deliver some makeup to another room at our hotel. With her hands full, she realised a door was about to close… on her foot! Believing she had simply stubbed her toe, she hopped back to her room and continued doing her hair and makeup. But her toe continued to throb. And then her foot felt wet.

Running her now bleeding toe under the tap, she messaged her friend, “Help, I need a nurse I’ve pulled off my toe!” Knowing her all too well, her friend Janet could only think, “What has she done now? She’s obviously exaggerating.” With the next text, however, with a photo of the toe, that thought quickly fled.

Feeling faint, nauseous and in pain, our brave Mayflower Karen had her toe bandaged. She determinedly tapped into her performance reserves and shoved her feet into her patent leather Mary Janes. The show must go on, swollen toe and all!

Of this moment, Karen said, “I thought, I’ll be fine. I just need to get dressed and go down to the rehearsal room.” The rehearsals went well and although the show shoes were excruciatingly painful for her, she thought “I only have to wear them for minutes! Any stage fright I may have had took second seat to my concern that someone might step on my toe. But I sang my heart out and enjoyed every second!”

Karen added, “My fellow chorus members were amazing, especially Sarah our Director, who said just to wear any comfortable shoes or to go barefoot! But I was determined not to let the chorus down. I was ecstatic when they announced we had won Most Improved Chorus. That evening I celebrated with four gin and tonics, perhaps the best pain relief ever!”

I wonder who footed the bill?