No Borders retreat weekend

by | 07 Apr 2019 | Chorus Life | 0 comments

January 25-27, 2019, a weekend to remember! In a beautiful venue in the south of Holland, we had the privilege to work with Theresa Weatherbee during our retreat weekend. As we only rehearse once a month these weekends are extremely important to us. Not only do we grow as singers and a chorus, but we also have a lot of fun and grow closer together as friends.

This specific weekend changed us completely! Working very hard towards our upcoming show at the Holland Harmony convention and on our contest set for Region 31 convention, Theresa took us from being passionate singers to being allround performers. She gave us tools to find the magic in the music and let this magic move us emotionally and physically. Many tears were shared, and they were followed by the biggest smiles ever – Stuart out front carrying the biggest smile of us all! Isn’t this hobby the best thing in the world? Especially to share with so many friends next to you!

It’s really hard to describe the magic that happened to us during this retreat, but we can’t wait to show everyone when we get on stage at Holland Harmony and in Cardiff.


Photo by Eric Ideler