Remembering Wendy Conboy

by | 21 Aug 2020 | Chorus Life | 1 comment

Anyone who knows us Millies knows how our love and friendship is very special. It is what comes first for us; the music is just a bonus. The loss of Wendy Conboy, one of our own and one of our dearest friends, is a pain that is indescribable, and we are not exaggerating when we say that are hearts are broken.

A beacon of hope

Wendy was a shining light, a beacon of hope and love in a world that is perhaps a little dark at times. When you needed anything, Wendy would be there to help you out. Needed somewhere for a coach to stay? Wendy would offer. Needed somewhere to host a sectional? Wendy would offer. Needed someone to organise an event? Wendy would offer. There was literally nothing she wouldn’t do for those around her, she was an absolute rock of a person and it is hurting us that we can never show her how much gratitude we had for her.

The Millies at the Cardiff Convention 2019

Wendy was also a fantastic singer, always learning her music to be note perfect and worked hard to compete in both quartet and chorus for many years. Not only that, when we went to compete in the Spanish Association of Barbershop Singers in 2018, she offered to swap from lead to bass. She re-learned three contest songs just so that we had more width at the bottom. Not many people would offer to do this knowing how much work it entailed but she was the biggest team player ever and wanted to help out as much as she could. That is what she was always like.

Always in our hearts

Wendy’s loss will stay with us for the rest of our lifetime. She was the glue, quietly holding us all together in a way that she probably never even knew. Those of you from the region who had the pleasure of meeting her will know exactly what we mean when we say she was one of the good ones. The world would be a much happier and brighter place if everyone was a little more “Wendy” – her kindness was infectious, you instantly wanted to be a better person because she was.

We have no idea what our future looks like without Wendy, it’s not something we ever thought we would have to do and it’s too hard to even contemplate. We know we have to; we know that everything we do going forward will be in her name and we will always have her in our hearts. We will be there for our Blondies: Helen, Lynne and Sue, the pain we are feeling is nothing compared to what they are going through. And to her mother-in-law, Beryl, and daughter, Lydia, we can’t make up for your loss, but your Millie family will always be here when you need us.

Thank you for everyone’s kind words in the recent weeks, it has really helped us through a really tough time. We are so blessed that we got to have Wendy as a Millie, we were so lucky to be able to have her in our lives and although our hearts are broken, we are better people for having known her.

She was the best of us all.