#MDAppreciationWeek19: Thank you, Gaynor!

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Gaynor Schofield has been Viva Acappella’s Musical Director from day one. We would not have become the chorus we are today without her. She has known many of the chorus for more than the decade we’ve been going, and it’s her grit, humour, warmth and musicality that has transformed us from a group of a few part-time singers, to an award-winning chorus ready to take on the world.

So, what better way to celebrate her as a leader, than from the singers themselves. Here’s what a few of the chorus had to say about why they wouldn’t have wanted anyone else waving their arms out front for the last decade.

Gaynor’s musical abilities are amazing, she can pick out the slightest wrong note from a chorus of voices. I admire her determination to strive for perfection.
— Michelle D

With her boundless energy and steadfast drive, not to mention her impeccable musical ear, Gaynor has been an inspiration.
— Christine A

Even after a long day with the kids or work, there was nothing better than a night with the chorus, being led by Gaynor. You take the criticism, you embrace the advice, you relish in the praise… and it all makes you and the chorus, as a whole, better.
— Helen T

She never lets her standards slip and encourages everyone to be the best singer they could be.
— Carolyn

She seeks perfection and has inspired me to do the same. Anything less would have been letting the whole chorus down.
— Jane H

Gaynor has great skills and ability to create great harmonies with our voices!
— Linda K

I’ve sung with Gaynor for thirty years in various groups – I think that says it all!
— Irene L

I remember the first time I came to a Viva rehearsal, I was just in heaven the way Gaynor led it in such a fast-paced and exacting way. And I still feel that way – under her leadership every week has been an amazing learning experience, and I have come away with a serious buzz! Gaynor has a wonderful leadership style, combining high standards with humour and clearly truly caring about her flock!
— Cly W

Our Welsh leader has been waving her arms out in front of me for 23 years. It truly has been an amazing experience being part of Viva Acappella and I know the trust and respect I have for Gaynor is very well deserved!
— Colette C

Gaynor has brought out the best in me and I have wanted to be the best I can for her.
— Lindsey H

VIVA spells Gaynor, V = very ambitious, I = intensely driven, V = very talented and A = awesome.
— Karen C

We couldn’t have done it without our amazing Welsh dragon!
— Jackie S

Gaynor, this Welsh wizard weaves her web of wonder weekly.
— Mary C

I love Gaynor because her attention to detail is second to none. I love all the nitty, gritty little details that she manages to get from us.
— Grace F

Viva will not be the same without Gaynor.
— Sally J

Gaynor is not only a fantastically talented director and choral singer, she’s a wonderful mentor. She’s generous with her coaching time and expertise and wants to help singers upskill. I think we have been spoiled in Viva to ever be able to join any other chorus and feel quite as challenged and accomplished!
— Helen W

Gaynor simply is Viva Acappella. She makes you want to work hard and constantly improve, and her ear is second to none!
— Charlotte

We will miss you Gaynor. Love and best wishes for the future.

17-23 November 2019 has been designated as the Music Director Appreciation Week by the Quartet of Nations Region 31 of Sweet Adelines International. Throughout the week, members of the choruses in this region have been expressing their gratitude to the person, the "arm wavers", who stands in front at every rehearsal.

Everyone is encouraged to show their appreciation for their own music directors by posting their own message on social media and using the hashtag #MDAppreciationWeek19.