#MDAppreciationWeek19: Thank you, Nancy!

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Members of Heartbeat Chorus show their appreciation for having Nancy Kelsall as Music Director.

Nancy is a huge asset to Heartbeat Chorus, encouraging us to be our best and to enjoy our mad hobby. Thanks Nancy! x
– Kate Stockton

Having been a friend and admirer of Nancy’s works and talents for over twenty years, it is not surprising that she has taken this amazing chorus to where it is today. In the last nine years I’ve been with Heartbeat, this chorus has always had lots of energy and big characters, but to be able to keep those magic elements alive while reining it all in has been quite a challenge. Nancy has always encouraged and been supportive of new quartets and groups and embraced new ideas. We see and feel the commitment and dedication constantly so to still be able to balance home life and work, learn new skills for our benefit and yet still keep us all happy is special in my book. Grateful to have been part of this wonderful journey so far!
– Brenda Mansfield

Nancy Kelsall, our very own awesome Musical Director who oozes passion, intellect, insight, musical talent, charisma and humour.
– Hilary Orr

What can we say about our unique Musical Director? In my opinion, she’s Joanna Lumley, Holly Willoughby rolled into one. She’s beautiful, funny, naughty, sensitive, kind, creative, a leader, addictive, magnetic, the highlight of a dreary week. She’s encouraging and gives us the confidence to win, whilst being a true trooper if we don’t. That’s how I sum up our Nancy.
– Carol Lama

I have to say that a large part of Heartbeat’s success is down to you, Nancy. You are the driving force behind what we do. It is your energy and commitment that inspires us to achieve greater things, to sing better, to perform better and to be ‘the nice guys’. We are so proud of you and all you have given us. You should be equally proud of yourself and what you have made the chorus into. So a massive thank you to you, Nancy Kelsall.
– Janet Moreton

17-23 November 2019 has been designated as the Music Director Appreciation Week by the Quartet of Nations Region 31 of Sweet Adelines International. Throughout the week, members of the choruses in this region have been expressing their gratitude to the person, the "arm wavers", who stands in front at every rehearsal.

Everyone is encouraged to show their appreciation for their own music directors by posting their own message on social media and using the hashtag #MDAppreciationWeek19.