As barbershoppers, we celebrate each of our voice parts every time we sing. But for the whole of February 2021, while still in lockdown, the Quartet of Nations celebrated every barbershop voice part each week with members from across our region and beyond talked about their experiences and what they loved about singing their respective parts. These were shared across our social channels. You can find them all by using the hashtag #barbershopvoiceparts on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, but here are some highlights.

Roundtable Discussions

Tenor – Facebook | YouTube
Baritone – Facebook | YouTube
Lead – Facebook | YouTube
Bass – Facebook | YouTube

Tips and Experiences

Hear and learn from Quartet of Nations members as well as fellow Sweet Adelines from other regions.

Celebrating Voice Parts on Facebook

We hope you enjoyed and found new ways to love your voice part!

Our sincerest thanks to those who gave their time to share tips, stories and participated in the roundtable discussions: Jen Crooks, Joan Boutilier, Veryan Zimber, Emma Rollson, Mariane Lingley, Louise Bowman, Isobel Currie, Anita Roberts, Lisa Anderson, Carole Hall, Fiona McGlashan, Sharon Vaux, Liz Hutchins, Esther Boyd, Anne Downton, Dorothy Main, Ineke van Eden, Wendy Myatt, Elaine Hamilton, Hazel Davidson-Smith, Mandy Finch, Jane Valentine, Katy Taylor, Helen Carley, Liz Clunie, Jane Grant, Lorraine Turner, Fiona Knight, Rebecca Grimer, Helen Warner, Jennifer Cooke, Lynn Wood, Lizzie Sinclair, Sarah Dobson, Vicky Hutter, Silke Ostendarp, Vicky White, Cathy Parr, Kate Porter, Sarah New, Siobhan Hildrew, Dulcie Williams, Sophie Hasson, Beverley Mackenzie, Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl, Lan O’Connor, Hil Pinnock, Louise Buxton, Ros Kipps, Rachel Freeman, Charl Asuit, Sarah Gibbs, Sarah Gill, Jo Bird, Sue Barton, and Annie Andrews.

And, of course, to everyone who worked behind the scenes, gathering and preparing materials, to make our celebration happen, THANK YOU!