This is a reminder to all competitors in both quartet and chorus contests of the Newcastle 2016 Convention. Please make sure that you have provided the required information (see link below) by Wednesday, 04 May, 17:00. The sooner you complete the form, the better!

This form collects:

  • On-site contact person and details (email and mobile phone) for your chorus/quartet
  • Hotel where your chorus/quartet is staying
  • Contest songs (in the order that you are singing them) – this information is given to the judging panel and videographer to help them with the preparations; these are also passed to international headquarters immediately after contest; we also require song information for PRS

Thank you to those choruses and quartets who have already provided the information. Your prompt attention to the matter is greatly appreciated!

FOR CHORUSES: As mentioned in a previous bulletin, we have prepared the list of competing members for you. If you wish to use this, please review it carefully to ensure that everyone who will be on stage at Sage Gateshead is listed. If there are people missing, do inform us straight away. Please do not wait until the day of contest briefing to let us know if there are people that should be added or if the total number is incorrect. The Convention Team nor the Regional Management Team will NOT be held responsible for your chorus’ disqualification from the competition resulting from an incorrect form.

If you do not wish to use the pre-filled form, you MUST complete the blank form provided by international headquarters –

Whether you use the pre-filled form or complete from blank, remember to ask each member listed to sign beside their name. The director and president/team coordinator must also sign on the top page of the form to verify that all information on the form is correct. Two copies (photocopies not allowed) must be presented to the Competition Coordinator at the contest briefing session on Friday, 06 May (starts at 13:00).

For any questions on the above, please contact Deborah Pollard, Competition Coordinator, at conventionfairies[at] (replace [at] with @).