Harmony Rag

Latest Harmony Rag issue: Summer 2018 – Special Convention Issue

This issue contains:

  • Feature – Convention 2018, stories from the champions, Women of Note 2018
  • Regional Buzz – Stories from Stardust & Sparkle, Surrey Harmony, Southern Acappella, Plymouth Mayflower, Singing Unlimited, Viva Acappella, Heartbeat UK, Chaos, and Momentum
  • Column: Warmed Up by Alyson Chaney – warm up ideas from guest contributor, Sarah Netherton
  • RMT Briefs – each RMT member gives an update of what they have been doing since the last issue

UPDATED 25 Sep 2018: Word of Mouth was omitted from the initial edition release (so sorry about this!) but this has been rectified and the edition has been re-issued.

Harmony Rag Summer 2017 Edition

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