Contribute to the Harmony Rag

The Harmony Rag is a regional publication by the Quartet of Nations Region 31, issued and distributed to all members in England, Scotland, Wales and the Netherlands. It contains articles, news, information, notices and stories from Sweet Adelines International chapters and members.

Publication months and format

Month Digital Format Print Format
June yes yes
September yes no
December yes no
March yes no


Content guidelines

Articles of the following nature may be submitted for inclusion in the Harmony Rag:

  • Summary or highlights of recent chorus/quartet activities, e.g. shows, competitions, coaching
  • Spotlight on chorus/quartet/member achievement
  • Inspirational stories around life with singing a cappella four part harmony in barbershop style
  • Educational content on singing. choreography, image and leadership
  • Reviews of barbershop and/or singing materials (CDs, DVDs, shows)

Whilst the Harmony Rag is distributed and available to members of the Quartet of Nations Region 31, an electronic copy is also available from the regional website so someone who has never heard of barbershop singing or Sweet Adelines International may also access it. Please bear that in mind when writing your articles.

Also remember to check any facts that you are including in your article like names, dates, place and statistics, and ensure they are accurate. If the information has changed between your initial submission, it is your responsibility to inform the Editorial Team immediately through

Proofreading is done by the Editorial Team but we appreciate if you ensure that your article is free of spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting.

Needless to say, your article should NOT:

  • contain profanity or pornographic material
  • have content promoting unethical actions
  • have content directly copied from another source or author without proper attribution
  • not a rehashed/repurposed content of your previous submissions (unless it is part of a series approved by the Editorial Team)

Copy requirements

Send copy of article(s) without any formatting in a TXT, RTF, DOC or DOCX format electronically to

Word count
Each article must not exceed 350 words.

Image resolution
Articles with images are highly encouraged. They should be 200 dots per inch (dpi) or higher, especially for the print edition. Please send images as individual files rather than embedding them in documents. JPG and PNG formats accepted.

Copy deadlines
All copies are due one month before publication date.

Issue Deadline
June 31 May
September 31 August
December 30 November
March 28 February



The Harmony Rag Editorial Team reserves the right to review and edit articles and publish only those that are deemed appropriate and relevant to the Sweet Adelines International members. If your article is deemed to be an advertisement in disguise, your article will not appear. Check out our advertising guidelines for details on how to submit an advertisement.

The Quartet of Nations Region 31 does not offer any compensation for articles submitted.

Neither Quartet of Nations Region 31 nor Sweet Adelines International will be held responsible for any loss or damage due to any inaccuracies in any of the articles submitted.


For questions and further queries, contact the Harmony Rag Editor at

These guidelines are reviewed on a regular basis and may change from time to time.

Last update: 28 February 2015