Regional coaching directory

Below is a list of people currently offering coaching for choruses and quartets. Please note that inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement from the Quartet of Nations Region 31 management team.

Helen Abbott

Lace City

Choreography including design, front row auditions and training, visual plans and developing unity across the chorus

Alyson Chaney

Lace City

Vocal production, PVIs, rehearsal techniques including positive reinforcement, membership recruitment and retention

Glenn Chaney

Lace City

Barbershop including vocal skills, PVIs, music choice, interpretation, director mentoring, performance and contest preparation

Emma Duguid

Forth Valley

Visual story-telling, choreography design and front row auditions; goal-setting

Norma Ferrier

Forth Valley

Showmanship and performance skills

Elaine Hamilton

Forth Valley

Barbershop including performance, visualisation and vocal skills

Tanya Jenkins

Finesse, CAL

Vocal skills, particularly the exploration of vocal textures to bring music alive; help groups to become ‘contest ready’

Nancy Kelsall


Singing and preparation for performance

Sandra Lea-Riley


Presentation and showmanship for choruses and quartets

Sarah Netherton

Acappella Sound

Vocal production and sound, PVIs, quartet and chorus coaching

Nicky Salt


Top level holistic coaching for choruses and quartets, plus quartet and music team retreats in France (Maison De L’Art)

David Sangster

Forth Valley

Singing and performance, covering all judging categories in contest music and with a strong emphasis on authentic style in non-barbershop material

Gaynor Schofield

Viva Acappella

Holistic coaching, with focus on singing and expression

Valerie Taylor

Vocal Dimension

Performance and vocal technique and performance confidence

Michelle Walker

Lace City

Showmanship and visual plans, artistry across all categories

Lynda Wood


Song performance with both quartets and choruses at all levels