Young Women In Harmony

The Young Women in Harmony programme (YWIH) reaches out to young women through the musical art form of barbershop harmony. Its goal is to provide educational and performance opportunities, offering music educators a means of including the study and performance of barbershop harmony in school music programmes.

The programme is aimed at young women, aged 25 and under, and their educators – encouraging them to use barbershop music with their existing choral groups and add new performing ensembles in this style to their curriculum offerings or as an extracurricular activity.

Young Women In Harmony

A wealth of resources is available to everyone, members and non-members, interested in fostering barbershop singing to young women. This includes free sheet music voiced for young women and formatted in SSAA. The YWIH Educator’s Kit is available for free and contains comprehensive information for teaching young voices four-part harmony. It includes the following tools:


  • Educator’s guide
  • Student songbook
  • Video presentation for students
  • Arrangements list


Here in Region 31, we highly encourage younger women to experience the joy and friendship that come from singing barbershop music. Chapters are encouraged to hold a YWIH event in their community and here are some tips on how to organise such an event.

Where do you start?

Within your chapters there are mothers, aunts, grandmothers, even great grandmothers who know young women just waiting for the chance to sing with you. This is the easiest way to populate your youth chorus. Local schools and clubs also make great contacts.

Delegate responsibilities

Finding the right people to assist with your YWIH event is important and every chapter will have enthusiastic members who are willing to assist. Getting the whole chorus excited about the opportunity to teach and share the gift of harmony singing will also ensure that your event goes well.

Finding music

The most important part of your event will be the music you choose. There are lots of music available for YWIH, even free, which you can request. These arrangements are in keys for younger voices and are simple to be learnt quickly.

How can Region 31 help?

We want to enable all chapters to engage with younger singers. We can help with advice and provide resources to help you run an exciting event. Sweet Adelines International is passionate about connecting young women with barbershop harmony. Let’s make this region lead the way so get on board!

But it's too hard!

Not at all. You will find running a YWIH event will energise what you and your chapter already does. In addition, an event need not be a massive commitment. By delegating tasks and using the knowledge and support of your members and the region, you can get young women singing!

Get your FREE educator's kit

To request the YWIH Educator’s Kit and other materials or for more information, contact our Regional YWIH Coordinator on ywihregion31[at] or click on the link below.

You can also like and follow the YWIH Facebook page to receive updates.

Last updated: 21 Mar 2016