Start a quartet

Forming a new quartet starts from finding a person for each part. However, there are much more things to consider when starting one in order for the quartet experience to be enjoyable and successful for all parties involved.

Sound Central Quartet

Agree on a common goal

Are you forming to compete only or is your quartet intending to purely entertain? Some quartets form only for one contest season to compete. Some have stayed together longer to provide entertainment within their community. Other quartets do both. Whatever your objectives are, make sure that these are shared by all four.

If your quartet decides to compete, make sure that you register with Sweet Adelines International and do it by 15th January to avoid the additional processing fee.


Find a cracking quartet name

Finding a name is one of the fun parts of assembling a quartet. Your name can be anything – silly or formal – but make sure that it is unique to you. So be creative. Remember, if your quartet plans to be in the long-haul, then your name becomes part of your brand.

If your quartet plans to compete, you need to make sure that your name is not currently used by another quartet. Sweet Adelines International provides a name search when you register.


Share the responsibilities

Like a chorus, a quartet requires managing both from a musical and administrative standpoint. When starting a quartet, look for the capabilities of each member to avoid one person doing everything. Some quartet roles are:


  • responsible for obtaining music (as agreed by the quartet)
  • keep tabs with copyright


  • manage the quartet’s money
  • holder of the quartet’s bank account (if you have one)


  • establish the overall visual image of the quartet (as agreed with the other members)
  • organise the costumes


  • primary liaison for the quartet
  • manage bookings and appearances

Costs involved

There really are no initial costs when starting a quartet, except the Sweet Adelines International registration fee of US$100. However, you need to be aware that there are running costs to cover:

  • travel to and from contests/festivals or gigs
  • accommodation
  • costumes
  • subsistence (meals, snacks, prosecco)

Should you decide to compete in a Sweet Adelines regional contest, you will also need to pay the competition entry fee 

Lastly, if one of your quartet members is not a member of Sweet Adelines International then individual membership dues as Chapter-at-Large will also be incurred. As a quartet, you will need to decide whether this cost will be shared amongst the quartet members or paid for by the individual.

New quartet ready?

As soon as you have established your quartet in the UK and/or the Netherlands, please let our Quartet Liaison know so we can add you to our directory.