We are delighted to announce that the Quartet of Nations have changed Women of Note to the Unsung Champions award.

The annual Unsung Champions award is to celebrate those people who work tirelessly for their choruses, quartets and Chapter-at-Large members, often behind the scenes, who may not be otherwise recognised. It’s our chance to say thank you to them for all the amazing things they do, both big and small. This could be the member who is always first to rehearsal and sets up the break time tea and coffee, or the husband who hoovers the risers before a performance or maintains your website.

Inclusivity of language and image are often the first elements members and non-members judge us by. They are also things we can all consider when communicating. We in the Quartet of Nations are committed to ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion are always part of our decisions, communications and principles – reflecting the recent Sweet Adelines International announcement of these standards which are being incorporated into their ethos.

We look forward to celebrating our Unsung Champions with you all, this and every year!

NOMINATIONS FOR 2021 UNSUNG CHAMPIONS NOW OPEN! Who is your unsung champion for 2021? Nominations are now open – https://sweetadelines.org.uk/unsung-champions/