Fiona McGlashan
Cambridge Harmony


Samantha Todd


Barbara Green


Hilary Allen
Cambridge Harmony

We are proud of the fact we have been together for more than eight years and are still having fun together. Over the years we have progressed slowly but surely and enjoy our achievements. We now have a huge repertoire and receive numerous bookings around our “patch”, many of which are either repeat bookings or as a result of personal recommendations. These help to fund more music and our vast array of outfits! For the last four years we have plumped for comedy routines for our competition entries, so we can offer these as part of an entertainment package if wished.

Footlights have an enormous amount of fun together and love performing – an evening with us will be informal and intimate and we aim to leave you and your guests smiling.

After dinner, before dinner, in a supporting role, at parties, weddings, barbecues – whatever your “do”, we’ll sing for you!