Unsung Champions

Unsung Champions

Who is a person you look up to or admire for what they may do for you, your chorus or the region? How can you show them appreciation?

Unsung Champions, formerly Women of Note, was introduced in 2016 in recognition of those members who work tirelessly for their chapters – often behind the scenes – and who deserve some recognition for what they do. Every year, each chapter and Chapter-at-Large (CAL) members can nominate one person as their unsung champion.

Read about the change from Women of Note to Unsung Champions

Who is your unsung champion?

Each chapter may nominate one person and complete the nomination form online by 14th April 2022. A high resolution photo of the nominee will also be required.

Unsung Champions 2021

Watch the presentation of the Unsung Champions 2021 initially aired during the #wearestillsinging Virtual Convention.

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