Veryan Zimber
Lace City


Gemma Lianne Netherton-Hind
Lace City


Eleanor Blackeby
Lace City


Sarah Netherton
Celtic Chords

We are a long distance quartet with a member in each of the following locations: Nottingham, Derbyshire, Bristol and Cornwall. We meet at least once a month as a quartet and love to combine our rehearsals with sing outs, coaching, or shows, too. Our passion for singing, together with our friendship, keeps us motivated and striving to reach our goals, as does our desire to encourage other singers, particularly young singers, to get involved!

We are, of course, used to long distance travel given that every rehearsal requires this, and so welcome requests from any groups who would like us to be a part of their show, or alternatively would like us to come and provide coaching services, all locations considered!


2011 LABBS Quartet Champions
2013 Region 31 Quartet Champions
2013 International Novice Quartet Winners
Highest international placement – 13th


Sarah Netherton

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