Last Minute

Last minute is a quartet made up of 4 No Borders Show Chorus members. Formed in a “last minute” fashion, they decided in December of 2022 to compete at the Regional convention in May! As most of them are members of several other fabulous quartets across the Netherlands, Germany and even Canada, (none of which happen to be competing in at Region 31) they all thought there was still not enough barbershop in their life – so why not add another quartet to the mix. Last minute is a project quartet that plans to just have fun and sing together at as many moments as they can find between their other hundreds of barbershop duties. Last year after just 1 rehearsal they successfully placed 3rd in the regional competition. They can’t wait to get back to the regional stage and hopefully have at least 2 rehearsals before!


Martina Gierse
No Borders Show Chorus


Krista Moller
No Borders Show Chorus


Anne-Miek De Nijs
No Borders Show Chorus


Katy Taylor
No Borders Show Chorus

For a bit more information on our members –

Krista is currently living in Paris on a rotation with her company but started her barbershop life in Arizona. Lori Lyford introduced her to barbershop in high school and she joined the Scottsdale chorus right before their Seattle win in 2010. Krista was also the baritone of C’est La Vie quartet who won Rising Star in 2015 and placed 19th at Sweet Adelines International in 2019. When she moved to Europe she quickly found a new barbershop group and now sings with No Borders Show Chorus. Singing lead in Last minute and acting as lead section leader for NBSC is a new opportunity for her and who knows – maybe one day she will get back to her favourite part – Baritone!

Katy was addicted as soon as she was introduced to barbershop only a few years ago. She currently sings in 2 quartets within Holland Harmony: About Time (SSAA) and Game On! (Mixed) as well as directs the Amstel River Singers chorus. Besides that Katy has the honour to work alongside Stuart Sides as his assistant director and baritone section leader in No Borders Show Chorus and Mixed Nuts (Mixed chorus in Holland Harmony). She is looking forward to singing baritone again with Last minute and let’s be honest: once a baritone, always a baritone!

Anne-Miek was infected with the barbershop virus through her mother in law and it quickly took over her life. She loves singing bass but also likes to be challenged by trying other parts. She sings Baritone with Katy in one mixed quartet and sings lead in another. She also sings in a female quartet from Canada that competes in Harmony Inc and let’s not forget she sings with No Borders Show Chorus. She is looking forward to meeting new friends and singing more tags at Regional.

Martina started her barbershop career as a lead and then switched to tenor in the Germany barbershop world. She was introduced to barbershop through her sister in law. She was a founding member of the Southland Voices and a member of the Ladies First / Dortmund groups who have won multiple German championships and participated in HU Nashville in 2015. She has sung tenor in several women and mixed quartets. Her current primary Bing quartet is “No limits”. Additionally she is the tenor section leader of No Borders Show Chorus where she gets to share this hobby with her daughter.