Regional songs

Regional songs are the songs that we sing every time we, the members in the Quartet of Nations Region 31, get together.

Quartet of Nations
That’s What Friends Are For
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (June Dale arrangement)
How We Sang Today
We Are Family
Harmonise The World
Let There Be Peace On Earth
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves (Ase Hagerman arrangement)
Friends (David Wright arrangement)
Anthem (Olle Nyman and Growing Girls arrangement)
Lazy Day (David Wright arrangement)
San Francisco Bay Blues

Sheet music of these songs can be purchased from the Sweet Adelines International shop except Quartet of Nations, which was written and arranged by Jenny Lawson, former Director of Surrey Harmony. Jenny has kindly gifted this song to our region so you can download the sheet music and learning tracks below.

Learning tracks of Fame can be requested from Jenny Savory, Director of Spinnaker.

We are unable to provide the sheet music and learning tracks here for the rest of the songs due to copyright restrictions.