As a non-profit music education organisation, Sweet Adelines International provides numerous learning opportunities for members to improve vocal and performance skills. Training is also available in the areas of directing, arranging and chorus management.

Here in Region 31, we have a rolling three-year education plan as follows:

Year 1: Funding for coaching

Choruses are entitled to claim a Regional Faculty/RMT visit, including a coaching session to address specific chorus training needs.

You can get to know our Regional Faculty members here – view Regional Faculty

Year 2: Satellite education workshops

Education workshops are organised locally, under the “Ignite” brand, in different areas within Region 31 – North West, Central, South West, South East, Scotland and Netherlands – providing easy access to all members. Each workshop is run by a member of the Sweet Adelines International faculty.

Year 3: Combined education workshops

A single combined workshop gives an opportunity for members of Region 31 to get together and learn more about barbershop singing outside of the regional convention.
There are also one-off workshops organised for specific groups – directors, quartets, etc. – based on the training needs of the region.
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